自LUX PLUS面世以来,得到了市场一致的好评,倍受广大高端车主的青睐,所以我们推出了这个全新系列以满足市场需求。ARES保留了LUX PLUS的所有所需功能,如超高光泽,良好的自我修复功能,无橘皮,优异的抗腐蚀表现等,同时在厚度上仅仅比LUX PLUS薄了 1mil ,我们称之为“小LUX”。

XPEL ARES系列同样使用先进的背胶压缩技术,其韧性\背胶粘度\柔软度同样优秀,让您的爱车更加易装贴,从而获得更好的保护。

Following the strong reception of our most popular film, LUX PLUS, we have come up with this brand new series to meet the market demand. ARES keeps all the wanted features of LUX PLUS, like ultra-high gloss, great self-healing, no orange peel, excellent anti-corrosion, and more, while utilizing construction that is 1 mil thinner. 

For more information, please visit XPEL Films China and/or XPEL Films Taiwan

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